Event Shirts

Elevate your event, engage your community, and raise additional funds through custom event shirts! 

Use the resources below to plan, design, and finalize your shirt order.

"Everyone loved the shirt design and colors!  I've been seeing kids every day wearing their shirts again, which was exactly what I wanted!  I'm so glad I went down this path for the shirts!"

-Kim Crowder

Cranberry Station Elementary


Do I have to offer sponsorships exactly as shown in the example?

No, you can customize your sponsorship offering to best fit the businesses in your school community!  We do caution against setting sponsorship amounts too low, as you may find that the sponsorships raised don't generate the profit you are hoping for through your shirts.

What factors impact the cost of my shirts?

There are several factors that will drive the cost of your Event Shirts:

Can I customize designs with my school colors and mascot?

Yes! Our designers can quickly customize any of our sketchbook designs with your school colors!  Send us a logo of your mascot to include as well, or ask us to pull one from our design archives!  Lion, tigers, and bears...and more!  We have them all!

Can I send you my own design for our shirts?

Yes!  Have a creative streak or a graphic designer on your team?  Send over any pre-made designs, and our graphic designers can add them to the mock-up and create all the necessary production artwork to turn your design into reality!  Be sure to reference the Art File Guide above to find the best file formats to use.

How far ahead should I plan my shirt order?

The sooner, the better!  Schools who raise significant funds from shirt sponsorships begin the process months before their fundraising campaign kicks off.  This gives plenty of time to solicit and receive sponsorships from local businesses.  Reference our Sponsorship Resources above for some great tools to help raise additional funds through your event shirts!

What's the latest I can order shirts?

We recommend placing your order about 5 weeks before your event, however your Booster Gear Specialist will be able to give a specific due date based on your program dates and shipping time from our print shop.

Our recommended timelines will help you avoid expedited shipping charges and give you plenty of time to distribute shirts to classrooms before the event.

Can you help with additional products for our school?

Yes!  We are here to help with any custom products your school orders!  Whether it's promotional items like banners and yard signs, spirit wear and staff apparel, or everyday items like lanyards and umbrellas, you're Booster Gear Specialist is here to help!

When will I be invoiced for my shirts?

You'll receive your invoice within 3 business days of your order shipping.  We offer convenient eCheck and Credit Card payment options for you to submit secure and instant payment.